HOUSE OF MOHAN CORPORATION, is an innovative incense manufacturing company operating in three continents. Founded in 1995, House of Mohan Corporation is the leading manufacturer of pure charcoal incense hand rolled in the finest herbs, spices, oil, honey, and sandalwood powder. Charcoal’s porous structure is a highly efficient agent for absorbing pure essential oils in the manufacturing of superior quality incense sticks.  The mission of House of Mohan is to educate consumers about inferior incense products made of pig excrement or pork rinds, which when burned, can cause harm to one’s health. House of Mohan promotes the use of safe ingredients in the manufacturing of incense.  MOHAN manufacture’s over 70 fragrances, and is the first company to develop designer fragrances (type) like Paris Hilton, Joop, Jordan, Cool Water, Angel, and others.  MOHAN signature fragrance, Khush, is the leading seller in the United States for the past ten (10) years.

The company is committed to delivering innovative turnkey solutions to its distributors to help increase efficiency, productivity and profitability.  The members of MOHAN are highly respected and creditable professionals who have a vast portfolio of experience and corporate synergies worldwide.


About the Founder 

Store On Wheels

Melvin W. Coles Jr., founder of Mohan Corporation began selling incense, oils and related products over 40 years ago.  The insert picture shows Melvin as a vendor on wheels, his bicycle. His passion for sales and delivery of quality products was evident even as a teenager. Mr. Coles became a street vendor, operating one of the most successful vending locations in Washington, D.C. He was invited to testify at a hearing for street vendors in DC because of his long-time successful operations. Mr. Coles officially founded Mohan Corporation in 1995, securing manufacture contracts from India, the world’s leading oil and incense marketplace.  After personally researching the top manufacturers, he partnered with a leading scientist and manufacture in India to develop over 70 flavors of incense and oils, including the first designer (type) fragrances.  Mohan now has over 30 distributors representing over 2,000 wholesalers throughout the United States.  Mohan is currently developing a pilot with 7 Eleven stores throughout the west coast with an anticipated nationwide launch date in 2011. We wanted to share this rich history of Mohan so that you are confident that the quality and consistency of the product over the past decade will meet and exceed all expectations. Mohan has the finest oils and incense on the market, as evidenced by the many testimonies from numerous retail stores, consumers and distributors.  We have shared some of those on the website under “What Others Are Saying About Mohan”. We hope you enjoy the finest quality incense on the market, burned in temples, churches, mosque, and worship centers around the world, brought to your home for meditation, relaxation, and aroma therapy.